Custom Orders

I am opening up a limited number of Custom Orders for the holiday season. This is the busiest time of the year for me and I will only take on what I know I can accomplish in the next 10 weeks. Once my list is full I will no longer accept custom orders.

  • I require a $50 deposit to put you on my list. This deposit insures that you are serious about commissioning me to design a piece and is nonrefundable. The deposit is required for my time and research for sourcing stones, materials, and any communication regarding sketches.

  • The $50 deposit will go towards the total price of the piece.

  • If you are wanting a piece customized with names or dates then I will require the full payment, including the initial $50 deposit, before I begin the piece.

  • I do not rush custom orders or the creative process. However my current production time is 4-6 weeks and you will receive your order within that time frame.

  • Once we have a final design sketch I will invoice you for the custom order. Customs are always preferred to be paid in full. However I believe everyone should have the jewelry of their dreams and I will allow payment plans. If you need to make payments, 50% of the total amount will be due before I begin. Once half of the total amount is paid, the time frame of 4-6 weeks will begin. Once the piece is completed the remaining balance will be due. If you would like to make payments for the remaining balance please reach out and we will figure out a payment plan. Any payment plans that are established must be paid within the 4-6 week time frame. Any payments made will be nonrefundable. This is a strict policy.

  • If you simply need more time to pay please reach out. I am a reasonable person and will be more then happy to accommodate you as long as you are in contact with me!


7 Tiger’s Eye Pendants

Teresa and her husband Steve are regulars at the restaurant I used to work at. She commented on a necklace I was wearing and I told her I that I handmake sterling silver and stone jewelry. She told me about these Tigers Eye stones that were found and polished by her grandfather and passed down to her. He was a gold miner and unfortunately died from black lung. She asked if I could create 6 pendants with them so she could gift them to her granddaughters. She mentioned how she wanted them earthy and I remember saying “well that’s perfect because I am all about that!” I am always honored when someone asks to me be apart of their future, or in this case the past. History passed down from generation to generation. They are balanced as a whole, yet individually unbalanced, earthy and almost have this raw quality to them. Treasures that tell a story.