7 Tiger's Eye Pendants

Teresa and her husband Steve are regulars at the restaurant I used to work at. She commented on a necklace I was wearing and I told her I that I handmake sterling silver and stone jewelry. She told me about these Tigers Eye stones that were found and polished by her grandfather and then passed down to her. He was a miner and gold panner in Fairplay, CO. He unfortunately died from black lung disease fairly young. She asked if I could create pendants with them so she could gift them to her granddaughters. Teresa mentioned how she wanted them earthy and I remember saying “well that’s perfect because I am all about that!” I am always honored when someone asks to me be apart of their future, or in this case the past. History passed down from generation to generation. Honoring this beautiful EARTH and the history behind it in metal. They are balanced as a whole, yet individually unbalanced, earthy and almost have this raw quality to them. Treasures that tell a story from one hand to another.

Danette Crofts